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October 27 2017



best sleeping conditions: freezing fucking cold room but layers and layers of blankets 

worst waking up conditions: freezing fucking cold room but layers and layers of blankets


Okay, I have a life hack for you.

Last week, I got attacked by the most painful and persistent hiccups of my life at work. My co-worker heard me hiccuping and said, absently, “Got the hiccups?” and I said miserably, “Yeah.” And she said, “Prove it.”

And I glared at her, because why the fuck should I prove anything to her? And I waited for the next hiccup, which would prove that she was a dick and that I was, indeed, suffering from hiccups. And… that hiccup never came. And she smirked and said, “My daughter calls me whenever she has hiccups and when I ask her to prove it, she never can.”

And that was weird. But later that night, I got hiccups AGAIN, so I said to my boyfriend, “I HAVE HICCUPS.” and he said “Yeah, you do.” And I said, “No, ask me to prove it.” And he gave me a look like I was a crazy person, and I hiccuped again and insisted he ask me to prove it and he did and BAM. I couldn’t do it!

And a few days LATER, I got the hiccups WHILE DRIVING ALONE, and I said, out loud, “DUDE, I have the hiccups.” And then, in another voice, “PROVE IT.” And bam. Couldn’t do it.

The moral of the story? Apparently hiccups are little shits who refuse to perform on command. 

There you go. Hiccup cure. I can’t promise it’ll work for everyone, but so far, it’s worked for me like six times.

You’re welcome.



i love drawing ears because you can pretty much just scribble anything in them and it’ll look right



international hand symbol for “what the fuck are you doing”

An undocumented 10-year-old girl with cerebral palsy has been detained straight after undergoing emergency surgery





In the day and a half following RosaMaria’s and Ms Cantu’s arrival in Corpus Christi, borders agents said they had to keep Rosamaria’s within their sight as the gears of the US immigration system turned around their 200 square foot hospital room.

Citing flight-risk concerns for a young girl with a degenerative muscle disease, agents involved themselves in every step of the medical process, according to the family’s lawyer. During surgery, agents were nearby. In follow up medical procedures, agents were in the room. They eventually allowed for the hospital room door to be closed only after the lawyer showed up and argued attorney-client confidentiality — a discussion between attorney and Border Patrol agent that took over half an hour to resolve.

“We had direct confrontation for about a 45 minute period… when I learned that the family couldn’t have any privacy, because Border Patrol indicated that their directive form the supervisor was that the child was to remain in their line of sight,” Leticia Gonzalez, the lawyer, said. “Border Patrol has been unable to tell me what threat or in what manner this 10-year-old child with cerebral paisley is posing to the US. They haven’t really answered that question. So this is where we use our tax dollars.”

RosaMaria was eventually moved to the Baptist Children’s Home Ministries shelter in San Antonio — another 150-mile drive. Border Patrol agents accompanied the ambulance that drove the 10-year-old girl there, with one armed agent in the front seat of the ambulance. They were followed by at least two Border Patrol vehicles, as well as at least two trucks with ICE, the acronym for Immigrations and Customs Enforcement, marked on the sides.

The US Border Patrol confirmed in a statement that the van was stopped at the checkpoint on the way to the hospital on Tuesday, and that agents then escorted RosaMaria and her adult American cousin to the Corpus Christi hospital. The agency also said that the 10-year-old would be processed once she is medically cleared, and that the Mexican consulate had been notified of the situation.

“Due to the juvenile’s medical condition, Border Patrol agents escorted her and her cousin to a Corpus Christi hospital where she could receive appropriate medical care,” a Border Patrol spokesperson said.

The agency did not immediately respond to a request for clarification of Border Patrol policies when an ill minor seeking treatment is involved, or whether criminal history is considered by agents before detention.

Immigrant activists say that policies that allow Border Patrol agents to target individuals seeking medical care could send a devastating message to vulnerable undocumented populations. Faced with the choice between potential deportation or heading to the hospital, some may choose to stay home and risk it, Mohammed Abdollahi, an undocumented immigrant and activist for the group Dream Activist, an advocacy group that has set up a fundraising page for RosaMaria, said.

“I’ve heard of a couple cases where people have already made those decisions. In this instance, it was an emergency procedure that needed to happen so the family wasn’t really left with a choice,” Mr Abdollahi said. “That’s the result that immigration wants to get out of this, is for people to know what that they need to be afraid. Practically speaking, on the ground, I think that the message is being heard from the community.”

When RosaMaria woke up from surgery she was in a strange place with just one familiar face nearby. She immediately began asking for her mother.

The hospital gave discharge orders indicating it would be best for her to be released into the custody of a family member as her deportation proceedings proceed. But, attempts so far to have her released into Ms Cantu’s custody, or into another family member’s custody, have so far proved fruitless. While the family initially thought the girl would be released into her mother’s custody, Border Patrol has changed its mind several times, according to Ms Gonzalez.

Whether RosaMaria’s mother will be able to see her daughter before the deportation proceedings are finished is still up in the air.

“That was the child’s only request,” Ms Gonzalez said of RosaMaria’s time in recovery. “She wants to see her mom.”

What a hateful shithole of a country I live in.

the kid just wants to see her mom after getting out of surgery. how hard is it for these fucking monsters to understand that?

I should add that ICE targeting the young and vulnerable (i.e., look up lawyers representing victims of domestic violence who are now in detention because their abusers turned them in) is not an unforeseen and regrettable effect of increased enforcement. It’s engineered to be cruel. And it’s not Trumpism. Mitt Romney back when he was running for POTUS supported this kind of enforcement as a means to encourage undocumented people to leave on their own and discourage border crossings.

This is an intended public spectacle of hate meant to cruelly punish.

Let’s also keep in mind that Hillary Clinton gave every indication that she would also pursue this type of strategy (remember how she said in the primary debates that said she’d deport kids to “send a message”?). So, this is not a Trump thing, or a Republican thing. It’s a white supremacist capitalist patriarchy thing.

Pepe the Frog’s Creator Goes Legally Nuclear Against the Alt-Right - Motherboard





fuck em UP matt


These words got no right making so much sense to my brain right now

oh my GOD

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Most-used word in each US state.

the amount of people in the notes that haven’t read the fucking map is astonishing




the thing about lotr that the movies don’t convey so fully is how the story is set in an age heavily overshadowed by all the ages before. they’re constantly traveling through ruins, discussing the glory of days gone by, the empires of men are much diminished, the elves (especially galadriel) are described as seeming incongruent, frozen in time….some of the imagery is even near-apocalyptic, like the ruins of moria and of course the landscape surrounding mordor

this is a strange thought to me, somehow: that the archetypal “high fantasy” story is set at the point where the…fantasy…used to be much higher? this is not the golden age; this is a remnant

LotR is Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome of the elves.

i want to emphasize that people have added excerpts of their theses in reply to this post but this is still my favorite reblog

October 26 2017

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I spent like about a minute checking to see if there was a reblog button anywhere because I though for sure this was a joke but it’s not it’s not a joke

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“There’s no end to the cruelty of men threatened by strong women.”  American Gods (2017- )

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Remember to take your medication today! 🕰 Taking your medication responsibly is the best way to ensure it does its job; helping you function at your happiest and healthiest! Take note of whether you need to take yours at consistent times, with meals, or of any other criteria specific to your meds.

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Brother of the year. (via sugarsiah)

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Flint still doesn’t have clean water. This is very important.

Reminder there is no safe level of lead, no matter what the studies and findings may say.

Zero is the only acceptable amount.

flint still does not have clean water

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My favorite thing is posts from Fandom Olds about the lost garden of Eden we’ve all been expelled from. I love reading about how there was this golden age 10-15 years ago where like…there was no wank or flames, no shipping wars or kink judginess, everybody who read your story left paragraph long comments, and LiveJournal was amazing compared to our tumblr dystopia.

It sounds amazing, it really does! I wish I could have been there for it. I mean, I’ve been in fandom for fifteen years now, but I never experienced *that.*

(There are trends that rise and fall, things that are more frustrating now, sure, but at the same time, some things are easier or more convenient. On the whole, I don’t feel like the general experience/feel has changed that much. *shrug*)

I saw some shit go down in the LOTR fandom in 2002-2004 that would melt everyone on Tumblr’s faces off.

“I’ll bet it wasn’t worse than *my* fandom right now.” Yes, your fandom too.

And at least on AO3, you can see a hit count. On LJ, your fic might have gotten 3 comments, so all you knew was that the number of people who read your fic was equal-to-or-greater-than 3. :-\

@berlynn-wohl, please to be regaling us with tales of wanks past.

I mean, the two biggest ones in LOTR were the Victoria Bitter Debacle (that person is still in fandom BTW) and CrystalWank. Oh, and the Domlijah tinhats, if you got involved in the RPF stuff (Domlijah was endgame…sound familiar?).

Now, I was not in HP fandom back in the day, but if you were on LJ at all in the mid-2000′s you knew about the Cassandra Claire situation and the Ms.Scribe saga (more here).

Here’s an article about these wanks, plus additional wanks that became multifandom memes (”what are your thoughts on yaoi,” “now he dead from coke.”)

Oh, then there was Intellislash, which was only one of many attempts to separate “the insightful, quality slash that I write” from “the thematically corrupt and grammatically dubious garbage that you write.”

That’s all I can think of for now.

This is mind-blowing. If you’ve got some spare time, this is an amazing Wikipedia deep-dive-type read.

Yeah - wank aside, I really side-eye the idea that everyone used to leave paragraph-long comments, but now that they can kudo on AO3, all they’re doing is kudo-ing.

What actually happened before was that you didn’t have a hit count, so you didn’t realize how many people were reading but NOT commenting, so for most small to medium fandoms, you just spoke to an audience of 10 people! And those 10 people became your friends! You had no idea the other 50, 500, 1000 people even stopped by.

Everyone had their 10-100 people, and everyone was one of those 10-100 people to some others, but no one wrote a comment for every fic they read, and no one got a comment from every reader. It’s the same today.

I worked in Web, so I was always aware that for every 1 person who interacted, there were at least 10 who didn’t.

AO3 didn’t use to have kudos: that system was brought in based on feedback from users who said they didn’t want to comment but still wanted to show appreciation. The same reasons people don’t comment today, are the reasons people didn’t comment yesterday: felt awkward interacting, can’t think of anything to say, etc. But they’re OK pushing a button, so at least there’s now a button to push.

Before there were kudos, these users… didn’t comment. Just like before there were smartphones, people didn’t chat with random strangers on the subway: they read newspapers or books instead.

As for the wank: one thing you could do, in the Usenet/mailing list/LJ community era, is outright split the community. Don’t like a pairing? Two bignames start infighting? Literally GTFO and start another list and lock it down only to people who ship that pairing or take that side of the argument, completely blocked to haters’ view.

I was one of, like, the first 100 people to join the Harry Potter For Adults mailing list. You know what the rationale for that was? It’s obviously a series for kids, the fandom is underage, let’s rope off an area for adult-only content and discussion! It’s not like these issues didn’t crop up before Tumblr, but the solution back then was so obvious and easy to implement it was barely a problem. If adults didn’t want kids to see a thing, kids didn’t see it. If you’re an older Millennial, it probably never occurred to you back then to complain that there were too many adult Harry Potter fans in your spaces, making you feel weird, because there weren’t. My sister was 12 and running a massive hand-coded HTML Harry Potter RP site for other 12 year olds, and I never went there. Meanwhile I was on my locked mailing list reading early astolat fic or whatever.

A lot of the problem with the technology now as applied to fandom, is that everyone is always in everyone else’s faces, by design. You can’t rope off a Twitter community. But it’s the Big Venture Capital that wants it that way, not fandom.


when someone say hi to ya bae for too long

How to boarding school au







Oh hey bc I’m sick and I don’t see this around a lot, let’s talk boarding school AUs! Because yeah, college AUs are good start, but there’s a few fun details that make boarding schools stand out:

  • First of all, everything you read in fanfic about situational gayness is true. I’m serious. When you’re set up to live, work, and play at school (and usually with strict controls preventing you from leaving campus) you start to seek affection wherever you can find it. One of the reasons I didn’t realize I was bi for years was how completely normal it was for people to cuddle regardless of gender or sexual preference. Packs of completely straight-identified dudes and even dating het couples would curl up and do homework on the regular. Imagine how confusing it would be for your OTP if they first met bc they were cuddling in a puppy pile along with tons of other potential partners.
  • Not all boarding schools are for the rich. Some are reform schools. Some are organized around a specific topic, like science or the arts. Some exist simply because students are spread out too far to commute back and forth. My school was sponsored by the government, so the most I had to do was pay for supplies and a train ticket up there once a quarter. (Yes, just like Hogwarts.)
  • The true enemy is the staff. Not that bullying doesn’t still exist, but when you live together 24/7, a funny thing happens. You might not always like each other, but you quickly start to realize you have a common enemy - the adults in charge of this zoo. And when you have a common enemy, it’s easier to get along. 99% of our teenage spite was redirected from each other to the security guards who prevented us from innocently taking each other’s clothes off in the bushes, which meant we didn’t beat the shit out of each other so much.
  • Related, everyone becomes an exhibitionist. Similar to the confusing lines around being gay/straight/whatever, when you’re trapped at school you have no place to go to get it on. So when people do become involved, they either have to find a super secret hiding place (like a jammed elevator) or get used to banging next to three or four other couples at the one makeout spot with low visibility. (Which may change weekly, given the aforementioned staff. I remember one time watching a lazy security guard mount a giant headlight assembly on a pole, stand back, and sweep the high beam back and forth over a hillside. Half-naked couples scattered like rabbits.)
  • You will probably almost kill yourselves once a semester, but it will be okay as long as no one notices. Unless you’re at one of the mythical rich kid schools where idk, everyone has their own helicopter, you pretty much have to invent your own fun. My school had restrictions around tvs and video games because blah blah “being healthy”, so we also spent a lot of time outside trying to figure out what the fuck to do. Protip to staff: this is actually way less healthy than video games and computers, because bored teens can and will fucking destroy themselves by accident. Example: one trend we came up with was human versions of all board games, not just chess. This sounds kind of adorable and innocent, until the incident where we attempted Human Jenga. Protip to everyone else: DO NOT PLAY HUMAN JENGA. Even if you’re being very careful about stacking people, eventually the sheer weight of the stack will start to smother the people down below even if you thought their chest was clear. And if they can’t breathe, they can’t let you know they are dying. We almost lost the bottom row over that. (No staff ever found out.)
  • Prank wars are real, and they get out of hand. Again, when well-meaning adults force you to make your own fun: fun is prone to escalate. Food fights become whole dorm events; nerds get revenge by fucking with goddamn everyone. One time some friends and I got access to a guy’s computer, put a back door in it, took control of his machine remotely and convinced him he’d created an emergent AI. Another time I got line of sight to a window in a rival dorm and took down their computer every time someone started a paper. In retrospect these are all extremely dick moves but uh I was not always aligned good in high school.

That’s all I can think of for now - go forward and sin with pride!

You learn how to sneak around really well…. 

Shit yeah that is also true

My roommate had a boyfriend who learned how to climb gutter pipes for illicit visits at night

Also we played Assassins a lot on campus which required both stealth and intense paranoid

You were assigned a target name and snuck around school with a plastic knife at all times ready to stab them

Jeez! I learned how to be invisible and literally hide in front of the dorm counselors faces. It was so wild. One evening after lights-out I snuck down to a friends room and was literally 3 feet away from the door when the dorm counselor came in. All they needed to do was glance to the right. 

Another time I was sneaking to my girlfriend’s room after lights-out. My dorm counselor (different one from previous story) was still awake and her office was still wide open. She was sitting in a chair watching TV. Did I mention the chair was facing the door? So, I recalled all the stories about no sudden movements blend into the background etc. I creeped by pretty as you please without her even noticing that I was there. 

 A friend of mine became the equivalent of a mob boss. She had people who owed/did favors for her and she monopolized the ramen and soda industry within the dorms. 

Also, one never stops jumping at the sound of jingling keys…..



October 25 2017

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This is disgusting on so many levels, I’m proud of Charlyne (voice of Ruby) for exposing this racist. I know that this stuff can be emotionally scaring.

@charlyne-bandit-yi is her tumblr btw!!
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